Model WCM 7300M Temperature Compensated Water Cut Monitor

The Model WCM 7300Mis designed to provide the highest possible sensitivity, resolution, and accuracy for water content determination in crude oil, other hydrocarbons, or other low dielectric liquids from a max of 25% to levels below 1000 parts per million (ppm). In oil and natural gas (condensate) production, water cut and S&W measurements are significantly improved with the WCM 7300M technology. Enhanced digital signal processing and full product temperature compensation are two of the technological advancements utilized by this device. Probe sizes from 2” through 12″ are available. 4-20 mA and 0-5 volt outputs are available for remote readout. Water cut, process temperature or probe electrical value can be selected for viewing without removing condulet cover by use of a supplied magnet to operate an internal reed switch.


LACT (Lease Automatic Custody Transfer) Units
Detect and provide relay contact closure that can be used to reroute oil that has excess S&W.

Pipeline Loading
Monitor transfer of petroleum/condensate products from loading facilities.

Dehydration Equipment
Determine and enhance equipment efficiencies, by monitoring the product and indicating water content.

Fuel Oil Monitoring
Determine contamination of fuel oil by condensation, or other external factors, before entry to engine.

Storage and Treating Facilities
Monitoring and early detection of undesirable conditions as well as interface detection during dewatering of storage tanks.


Measurement / Monitor Specifications
Power Supply 20-30 Vdc +/-10% @ nominal, 100 mA max.
S&W Full Scale Range– 0-25%
– Field adjustable to 0-5%, 0-10%, etc.
Accuracy – Is defined as the variance observed between the 7300M reading and the water grindout of the oil.
Normal variances are:
+/- .05 from 0 to 5% water
+/- .1 from 5 to 10% water
+/- .15 from 10% to 15% water
+/- .2 to .25 from 15 to 25% water
Displays One line 16 character, alphanumeric LCD showing by selection:
– Water Cut
– Process Temperature
– Probe Electrical Value
Red/Green LED showing good oil, bad oil, or by passing, condition.


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