We take world renowned products from leading manufacturers – integrate and optimize them – creating ideal solutions to technical problems. The result; seamless integration into new or existing systems, flexibility and the right products for the job – every time.


Eliminate the wait, quickly and accurately obtain results on-site or utilize automated monitoring on a limitless number of applications for a wide range of industries.


Versatile compressors provide optimal solutions for various requirements including varying operating pressures, gas compositions, and flow rates.


Infrastructure solutions including metal framing systems featuring weld-less designs to circuit protection products, electronic switches, sensors and more


Monitor, measure and record accurately and efficiently while reducing installation costs, reducing production down-time and decreasing system maintenance requirements.


Precision measurement parts and systems for complete accuracy and quality tailored to your measurement requirements.


Precise level measurement and control technology designed to preform reliably in challenging environments for a wide range of applications.

Monitoring & Data

See your entire operation more clearly. Reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, and productivity. Daily updates to mission critical alarms; no matter what the application.


Pressure-responsive flow control, high-performance isolation valve technology and cable assemblies.


Simple to use and reliable, portable gas detection that saves precious time, resources and lives. Plus, specialty calibration gases and equipment to ensure total calibration of gas analyzers and detectors.


Control and specialty configurations that cover the toughest demands for valve performance, reliability precision control, optimized flow and safety.

Zero Vent

Increase sustainability and reliability with solar emission-free wellsite systems. Ideal in remote installations and extreme temperatures. GHG Credit Approved.