Trido Industries Inc.

Solar Powered Zero Vent Technology

TRIDO Industries offers reliable versatile choices for supporting industry accountability to reducing and removing greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar Powered Chemical Injection Pumps

  • Maintenance free 95% efficient 3 phase 24 volt brushless solar motor rated CSA Class1 Div. 1
  • Controllable in several modes, variable, temperature, pressure & SCADA via MODBUS controller
  • Ultra-low power consumption, 400 mA on start-up = longer battery life (4 yrs.) and less solar panels
  • Pinpoint injection control from ½ litre to 6 barrels per day = unnecessary chemical injection/cost
  • Operates against extremely high pressures (10,000 psi +) utilizing extremely high torque
  • Inject different volumes of chemical using from one to eight heads on a single system
  • Adaptable to fit most common fluids heads on the market i.e. Texsteam 5100 series

Solar Powered Instrument Air Compressor

  • Replaces fuel gas, propane or bottled gas driven instruments
  • Simple design, Low RPM, 83% efficient compressor head design
  • Low wear & minimal maintenance
  • Dry, Oil Free Air Supply
  • 95% Efficient solar motor, low power draw, Less than 400mA on start up