The TOKU pressure monitoring system lets you see your entire oil and gas operation more clearly, respond to issues more quickly, and connects you to a world of savings in all working environments.

Capturing high-resolution pressure data is the new measure that not only determines if the asset is working but whether it is operating efficiently and effectively. Analyzing high-resolution pressure data captured by our solution enhances predictability, increases capacity utilization, increases production, and drives down operating costs.



  • Pressure Change Notification For Leak Detection
  • Hydrate Monitoring & Methanol Optimization
  • Static/On-Demand Pressure Testing
  • Water Crossing Monitoring
  • Sales Point Pressure Monitoring
  • Pipe Liner Vent Monitoring
  • De-Bottlenecking
  • Signal Delay & Modify Feature For Multi-Product Pipeline

Injection Well

  • Reservoir Analysis
  • Max. Wellhead Injection Pressure (MWHIP)
  • Packer Isolation Monitoring
  • Wellbore Pressure Builds
  • Tubing/Casing Monitoring

Production Well

  • Pump Efficiency
  • Pressure Card
  • Run Status
  • Tubing/Casing Monitoring
  • Flowline Pressure Monitoring


More Information

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