Telespar – Telescopic Tubing

Perforated, four-sided Telespar Telescopic Tubing makes quick work of hundreds of support applications, without special tools, welding or assembly. Self-aligning dimpled fittings and telescoping action provide fast assembly and repeatable, incremental adjustment.


Telespar Telescopic Tubing perforated sections are available in eight sizes from 1″ to 21 ⁄2″ square. Perforated sections feature holes on all four sides, spaced on one-inch centers. Sections without holes are also available. Versatile, adjustable and reusable, Telespar Tubing offers design flexibility as well as important savings in time and labor costs.

Available in 10, 12 and 14 gauge steel, with a complete line of fittings, fasteners and accessories, Telespar lets you create new designs in hundreds of applications. From racks and interior partitions to adjustable platforms, hangers and sign supports, you can build them all without special welding, tools, or assembly skills.


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