Solar Powered Chemical Pump

The TRIDO Mini-Mizer Solar Powered Actuator is field-proven to accurately deliver desired chemical amounts year-round with zero venting. Ultra low power usage combined with ultra high torque enable the unit to pump against higher than normal pressures. Maintenance-free motor technology, combined with VFD controller, delivers power & efficiency with little or no wear. TRIDO customizable fluid head carrier system can carry from 1 to 8 heads and is built using components to enable almost any required configuration. The TRIDO system can be utilized with almost any fluid head technology available on the market today.

Trido Industries is focused on zero vent technologies, supporting industries’ effort to meet green house gas goals using renewable resource technologies.


  • Maintenance free 95% efficient 3 phase 24 volt brushless solar motor rated CSA Class1 Div. 1
  • Controllable in several modes, variable, temperature, pressure & SCADA via MODBUS controller
  • Ultra-low power consumption, 400 mA on start-up = longer battery life (4 yrs.) and less solar panels
  • Pinpoint injection control from ½ litre to 6 barrels per day = unnecessary chemical injection/cost
  • Operates against extremely high pressures (10,000 psi +) utilizing extremely high torque
  • Inject different volumes of chemical using from one to eight heads on a single system
  • Adaptable to fit most common fluids heads on the market i.e. Texsteam 5100 series



Trido Ecopak

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