Pembina BP1100 Repair Kits

The Pembina BP1100 Series turbine flow meter uses wear-resistant moving parts to provide trouble-free operation and long service life. The BP1100 Series meter repair kit is designed for easy field service of a damaged flow meter, rather than replacing the entire flow meter. Repair parts are constructed of stainless steel alloy and tungsten carbide.

Each turbine meter repair kit is factory calibrated for accuracy throughout the entire flow range. Each kit is complete and includes a new K factor, which is the calibrated number of pulses generated by each gallon of liquid. This K factor will be used to recalibrate the monitor, or other electronics, to provide accurate output data.

NOTE: If the meter repair kit part number ends in NCC (no calibration), it was not factory calibrated. For these repair kits, use the nominal K factor supplied.)


BP1100 Series Repair Kits
BP1100 Turbine Flow Meter User Manual


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