P120NF Series: Pneumatic

Application – Flow Indicator; Working Pressure 5000 psig

  • Pneumatic paddle operated device for indication of liquid flow or no flow in piping systems, accumulators and process vessels
  • Provides a pneumatic output to operate control systems, alarms or other operations
  • Stainless Steel construction for use with most Liquids or Liquid interfaces
  • Snap Acting Non-Bleed from 0 to full supply
  • Direct mounting inside a vessel or pipe


OutputSnap Acting, Non-Bleed from 0 to Full Supply
Working Pressure5000 psig; 1500 psig with manual override
Supply Pressure30 psig standard; 60 psig and 100 psig available
Temperature-40º F to +450º F
Flow Indication.75 ft/sec or less indicates no flow; 1.0 ft/sec or more indicates flow
Materials316 Stainless Steel Wetted components; optional materials available
Supply & Output

2” NPT standard, 1½” NPT and flanged units available
1/4” NPT


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