P120 Series: Manual Override, Snap Acting, Non-Bleed

Application – High & Low Liquid Level Control; WP up to 1500 psig

  • Float-actuated Pneumatic Switch for High or Low Level control or to operate Control Valves
  • Manual Override provides easy In-service Testing Use on production separators, heaters/treaters, scrubbers, liquid accumulators & process vessels
  • Stainless Steel construction for use with most Liquids or Liquid interfaces
  • Low Specific Gravity of .5 and above
  • Snap Acting Non-Bleed from 0 to full supply
  • Direct mounting inside vessel or threaded External Float Cage


OutputSnap Acting, Non-Bleed from 0 to Full Supply
Working PressurePressures up to 1500 psig with Manual Override
Supply Pressure30 psig standard; 60 psig and 100 psig available
Temperature-40º F to +450º F
Specific Gravity0.5 minimum; 0.4 minimum with counterweight; interface 0.1 differential
Materials316 Stainless Steel Wetted components; optional materials available
Process Connection2” NPT standard, 3” flanged or larger (1½” NPT not available)
Supply/Output Connection¼” NPT


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