Multi-Load Truck Out Shroud

Constant exposure to the elements combined with daily use can cause costly damage to load rack interfaces. Damage to keypads and screens result in expensive maintenance costs and downtime. Protect your investment with Pembina’s innovative Truck Out Shroud.


  • Custom built. Easily adjusted to fit any Manufacturer
  • Gable Style “Birdhouse” design sheds snow, ice, and rain away. Preventing debris buildup
  • Angled, UV rated, Lexan Cover allows for easy operator access while preventing direct exposure to the elements
  • Side Trapdoor for Access to the padlock and download port
  • Easy to install over existing load out stations
  • Galvanized Steel Housing resists corrosion
  • Maintenance Free Powder Coated finish is visible, long-lasting, and durable.


Instrument, Switch, & Truck Shroud Brochure

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