Model CMEAOX & CMEAFX – Float Operated

The INVALCO Model CMEAQX and CMEAFX Float Controls provide electrical contact switch closure for alarm or control functions. An explosion-proof Micro Switch is actuated by two adjustable yoke-type pusher arms permitting the control range to be easily and accurately adjusted. With the liquid level below the float the Micro Switch will be in the low level position and will remain there until the float resets to the preset high level. The Micro Switch will reverse positions until the float drops to the preset low level position.


Float– 316 S. S.
– 3-1/2” diameter
Maximum WorkingPressure 300 psig (limited by collapse pressure of float and process connection).
Temperature Limits-20°F to 250°F
Switch Contacts– Standard: SPDT, 15 amps @ 125, 250, or 480 Vac, 1/2 amp @ 125 Vdc, 1/4 amp @ 250 Vdc.
– Optional: DPDT, 10 amps @ 125 or 250 Vac.
– Note: DPDT Switch is not “Gap Action”.
Switch HousingExplosion-proof
Switch ApprovalUL and CSA


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