Model CADM-201, Cadmex-201

These diaphragm-operated liquid level controls are available with either a pneumatic or electrical control switch. The INVALCO Model CADMEX-201 is supplied with an explosion- proof SPDT Micro Switch. This switch is UL and CSA approved. The Model CADM-201 is supplied with the popular snap-action, three-way Micro Valve®, ideally suited for diaphragm motor valve control. The 2″ process connections are recommended where high paraffin or sediment content is present in the measured material. The most outstanding feature of these controls is the absence of troublesome small orifice and chambers usually found in similar types of floatless level controls.


Temperature-20°F to 250°F
Maximum High Level22 feet W.C.
Maximum Control Span11 feet W.C.
Materials• Body: Steel
• Diaphragm: Buna-N
Containment Pressure100 psi
Type Control Switch• Models CADM: Micro Valve, 3-way, 1/4” NPT Ports, 1/8” orifice, 100 psi max. W.P.
• Models CADMEX: SPDT, explosion-proof Micro Switch, 15 Amps @ 125, 250, or 480 Vac, CSA, and UL approved.


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