Micro Valves

Since its introduction in 1956, Micro Valve has provided successful service through thousands of applications. This makes choosing the right miniature instrument and control valve a snap. Choose Micro Valve, the best valve to solve liquid, air, and gas service design problems. It absolutely will not leak. With other miniature valves, leakage occurs when flow is redirected from one port to another. But with the Micro Valve, flow is instantly redirected so there is no leakage.

Features and Benefits

  • Flow is instantly redirected, so there is no leakage.
  • Unique over-center snap action provides quick, sure response
  • No sliding seals, packing or tight-fitting moving parts to leak or wear out
  • Requires no lubrication; no need to introduce a system lubricator.


  • Pressure switches
  • Level controls
  • Air switch to operate pneumatic tool
  • Pilot operation of main valves
  • Limit switches on cylinder actuated devices
  • Diverting valve used to introduce additive to two independent flow systems
  • Vial or container filling or sampling with instant and dripless shut off
  • Machine shop and assembly area for parts “blow off”


More Information

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