Level-Pro Tank Gauging System

The LEVEL-PRO Tank Gauging System was designed to offer the oil and gas industry a rugged, reliable and economical solution for the monitoring and management of stationary, mobile and, pressurized tanks and vessels. The durable and dependable design of the LEVEL-PRO entrusts proven positive contact with the fluid for accuracy and reliability.  Patented measurement technology closely monitors movement of the float to produce highly accurate readings. The Level-Pro system can be installed in virtually any tank. Various mounting methods can be utilized to exit the tank or vessel and systems can be installed while the tank is in service without the need for modification.  The system is available as a wired, wireless or mesh network solution for application flexibility. 


  • The wired controller coupled with the Multi-Tank Display can accept up to 20 gauges.
  • The wireless controller coupled with the wireless SMART display can support up to 4 gauges in the most remote of locations.
  • The wireless controller when coupled with the Wireless Tank Card (WTC) establishes a mesh network and provides a Modbus/Slave communications port for direct use by a PLC/SCADA system to wirelessly access tank data. The WTC supports up to 20 gauges.



  • Totally sealed gauge
  • High-Level Alarm/Shutdown
  • Easy, innovative installation
  • Connects to any control system
  • Optional satellite communication on all models via QMI
  • Emulsion measurement. Varying SG has no effect on function
  • Oilfield tested; Oilfield approved – compatible with wide array of oil field fluids




Sensor ½” 316L stainless steel coil tubing
Size 4’ – 45’
Accuracy 1mm Resolution, +/-3mm Accuracy
Safety Class I, Div. 1, Groups C&D, Exia T4, -40°C < Tamb. < 70°C
Options Rigid tubing available



Controller Wired DIN rail mount
Power 8-32 VDC input
Safety Class I, Div. 2, Groups C&D T3 [Exia], -40°C < Ta < +70°C
Output 4-20mA, Modbus RS-485



Controller Wireless battery-operated tank mounted.
Safety/Power Class I, Div. 2, Groups C & D, T3, [Exia], Um = 60Vdc (RS485) 3.6Vdc Battery Powered, -40 < Tamb. < +60°C
Telemetry Point to point or mesh network.
Battery Life Up to 5+ years.



Controller DIN Rail Mount in MCC/PLC/SCADA 
Temperature Rating -40 to +85C
Power 6 to 15 VDC Input
Safety Class I, Div. 2, Groups C&D T3 [Exia], -40°C < Ta < +70°C
Output 4-20mA, Modbus RS-485


Optional Displays


The Multi-Tank Display (MTD) communicates with wired LEVEL-PRO Tank Gauge controllers via Modbus to provide display and monitoring of fluid level(s) and temperature(s). The LP MTD accepts up to 20 wired tank controllers.  

Power 12 to 24 VDC
Temperature Rating -40C to +85C
Safety General Purpose
utput Relay control level/temp, high/low, on/off control. 4-20mA and Modbus (RS-485) output allows for data to SCADA/PLC
Display Units of Measure cm, m3, bbl, %
Diagnostics Error codes on display for problem ID



The SMART display stand alone wireless unit was initially designed for single well batteries in remote areas. In this application the SMART display accepts up to 4 wireless tank controllers.  

Power Battery/Solar
Temperature Rating -35C to +55C
Safety General Purpose
Output Relay control for high level tank shutdown. Simplex Satellite Messenger tech built in for status updates and alarms via iPhone or Android App or DMS Interface
Display Units of Measure cm, m3, bbl, %, temp
Diagnostics Error codes on display for problem ID



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