GC Parts & Accessories

At Pembina Controls we carry and stock all the necessary parts & accessories to keep your monitors working and you in the field. 


  • O2 Sensor
  • LEL Sensor (IR)
  • LEL Sensor (Pellistor)
  • Dual Tox Sensor (H2S & CO)


  • Dock Charger
  • MGC Vehicle Charger
  • MGC Charging Station
  • MGC Pump Charging Station
  • MGC Multi Charger


  • GCT IR Link w/USB Cable
  • GCT IR Link Spare USB Cable

Confined Space Kits

  • MGC Confined Space Kit w/Gas
  • MGC Confined Space Kit
  • MGC Simple Confined Space Kit w/Gas
  • MGC Simple Confined Space Kit

Hand Aspirator Kits

  • Multi Gas Clip Hand Aspirator Kit

MGC Probes

  • Remote Sampling Probe
  • Telescoping Sampling Probe
  • Neoprene case for use with MGC Pump/Telescoping Probe Combo

More Information

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