Field Verification Device

Designed for use with the ModMAG® M2000 and M5000 meters, this handheld device allows you to perform a series of field verification and analytical performance tests on site, in less than 20 minutes.


  • Determines if the meter amplifier is within one percent of the original factory calibration.
  • Verifies the functionality of all the meter’s inputs and outputs.
  • Measures electrode resistance and integrity.
  • Measures coil resistance and integrity.
  • Measures coil insulation resistance.
  • Measures current and frequency output.
  • Evaluates the signal processing functionality.
  • Provides pass/fail results to aid in troubleshooting.


  • Test cable for M1000, M2000 and M5000 connection
  • AC charger with EU/US connection adaptors
  • Automobile utility DC power supply connector
  • PC to Field Verification Device communication cables
  • Rugged case for transport

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