DXN Portable Hybrid Ultrasonic

The Dynasonics DXN meter is a powerful tool for troubleshooting flow issues, whether you want to quickly verify the flow reading of another meter or to data log flow system values over an extended time period. The DXN portable meter has transducers that clamp onto the outside of the pipe—no tapping or cutting is required. The meter can be easily moved and installed in different locations. The large color display makes it easy to read and the setup wizard walks you through the meter configuration steps.


  • Quickly install and setup
  • Measure a wide variety of fluids
  • Capture multiple variables over several days
  • View and archive data log files on a computer


  • Portable hybrid ultrasonic meter, transit time and Doppler measurement
  • Touch-screen featuring job-specific controls
  • Large, full color display for easy-to-read screens
  • Data log flow, temperature and other instrumentation
  • USB port for transferring data log files in .csv format
  • Multiple graphing options and advanced diagnostics
  • Battery or line powered


  • Size 1/2…120 in.
  • Temperature Range -40…350 °F
  • Flow Range 1…40 ft/sec
  • Pressure Range Per pipe specification PSI
  • Accuracy (of reading) ±1 %

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