B2900 Series Flow Monitor

BlancettĀ® B2900 flow monitor offers advanced digital signal processing technology in an easy-to-access package. This flow monitor processes frequency output from a flow sensor and interprets the signal to calculate flow rate, total flow and batch flow. The B2900 monitor is ideal for use with low-level frequency input signals, typically found in Blancett turbine flow sensors.


  • Electronics are located on a single board, designed for straightforward and convenient field installation
  • Can be used with almost any flow sensor producing a low amplitude AC output or contact closure signal


  • Enclosed in a spacious polycarbonate NEMA 4X housing
  • Displays rate and/or total
  • Large 8-digit by 3/4″ display for easy viewing (meter, remote and swivel mount plus hand-held versions)
  • Robust alarm parameters provide faster warning when something changes in the process or pipeline
  • Greater control and greater visibility of batch operations
  • Advanced connectivity options allow you to connect meters to your network for remote monitoring and process automation capabilities
  • Updated display and totalization options provide more flow information, including simultaneous display of rate and total as well as standard, batch and grand totals


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