2″ – 3″ Abrasive Service Flow Meter

The INVALCO 2”-3” Abrasive Service Flow Meter is a unique one-piece, patented cartridge design which enables replacement of turbine meter internals with minimal downtime. The meter was designed to operate within pressures from vacuum to 15000 psi. Replacement cartridges are fully calibrated and are ready for installation with no special tools required. By simply removing the union seal and the slide in cartridge retainer, the internals slide out of the body.


Maximum Overrange125% of flow range for intermittent periods
Frequency Output100 to 1100 Hz
Voltage OutputApproximately 100 mV A100 Hz to 1.5 V (RVS) @ 1,000 Hz
Pressure Drop0.5 to 0.75 psi at 100% of full range
End Connection Pressure Rating (602, 1002, 1502)2” – 3” 1502 Ended TFM – 15,000 PSI (103,000 kPa)
InstallationVertical or horizontal (any direction)
Materials of Construction– Body: 4340 100ksi minimum yield -20°F
– Rotor: Abrasive resistant material
– Bearing: Carbide Sleeve and Ball
– Supports: Abrasive resistant material
– Cartridge retainer: 4340 for improved wear.
Temperature Range-20°F through 250°F
Pickup Coil (Order Separately)– DC Resistance: 975Ω
– Inductance: 400 mH
– Mating Connector: 10SL-4S or Wire Leads
– Preamp Magnetic Pickup (Order Separately)
– Housing: Stainless steel
Power Requirements– Supply voltage: +4.5 to 28Vdc
– Current: ≤ 5mA @ 12 Vdc
Output Signal– Square wave
– 0 to supply voltage, 5 Hz to 12 kHz
– 30% to 70% Duty cycle
– NPN with 10Kw pull-up to supply voltage
Mating Connector10SL-3P or Wire Leads


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