WH Series Turbine Meters

INVALCO’s WH Oilfield Series Meter utilizes a rugged, durable three-piece rotor/stator design required for the extreme demands of the oil patch. The double sleeve Tungsten Carbide bearing and flow through design provide excellent performance and unsurpassed mean-time between-failure (MTBF) characteristics.


End Connection/Pressure Rating (CWP)1″ and 1-1/2″ NPT – 5000 psig (34,473 Pa)
2″ f x f NPT – 5000 psig (34,473 Pa)
1″ and 2″ Wafer – As per connection flange rating to
ANSI 1500 lbs.
Temperature Rating-20°F to 228°F (-290°C to 109°C) *
Linearity±1.0% over stated range
Maximum Overrange125% of flow rate for intermittent periods
Response Time2.5 milliseconds for step change in flow rate
Frequency Output100 Hz to 1000 Hz
Voltage OutputApprox. 100mV @ 100 Hz – 1.5 V (RMS) @ 1000 Hz
Standard Pick-up Coil (Order Separately)**DC Resistance: 975 Ω
Inductance: 400 mH
Mating Connector: 10SL-4S or Wire Leads

*Limited by pick-up coil; consult factory for temperatures outside this range.
**Additional pick-up coil options available upon request.


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