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Original Image: Model 80 / 80S Gas Scrubber Valve

Model 80 / 80S Gas Scrubber Valve


Category: Analytics, Temperature and Burner Controls

The Model 80S Gas Scrubber Valve is used in Fuel Gas Scrubbers, and Air Eliminators. Installs through 2” pipe coupling or can be wholly contained by mounting by 1” nipple welded through cover. The model 80S is a direct replacement for the...

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Original Image: Horizontal Reciprocating Compressors

Horizontal Reciprocating Compressors


Category: Compression, Compressors

When the pressures and capacities of the application are beyond the capabilities of a vertical compressor, Corken’s horizontal compressor is the next option. These versatile compressors are available in single packed (HG600) and triple packed (THG600) design. Other options include single- or...

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